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Enter the enchanting world of MA-HA VIRTUE, where Dr. Fairy crafts extraordinary elixirs that blend 90% diamond-grade saffron with a dash of essential vitamins. Each sip is a modern spell, concocted for those who relish life's extraordinary moments.

Dr. Fairy, our mystical guide, invites you to indulge in potions that transcend the ordinary, offering a dance of sophistication on your palate. In a realm where saffron and vitamins unite, our elixirs tell a liquid tale of health and hedonism, curated for the young and the young at heart.

Sip & Taste into the magic of MA-HA VIRTUE – where luxury meets sassiness, and every drop narrates a captivating story. Cheers to enchantment, whimsy, and a touch of modern fairytales.


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    Indulge in MA-HA VIRTUE magic! Same-day Bay Area delivery for $200+ orders before 10 am PT. Free shipping on orders over $200. Elevate your celebrations effortlessly.

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    At MA-HA VIRTUE, we treat our customers as cherished guests, extending a warm invitation to savor the best in every moment. Welcome to the MA-HA family, where excellence is our hallmark, and you're more than a guest.

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    Connect with us at, whether it's for a delightful re-order, showering us with compliments, or exploring the countless recipes in your culinary journey. Your desires are our delight, and we can't wait to hear from you!


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"As someone managing diabetes, I've often felt restricted in enjoying cocktails or mocktails. However, ever since I started sipping on the Saff-Sour Cherry, it's been a game-changer. I now feel perfect and liberated from the usual limitations.It's become my morning booster and the perfect cocktail mixer for happy hour – the taste is nothing short of heavenly."

As someone in recovery for 15 years, I won't deny missing the buzz at times. However, when I tried the Saff-Sours from MA-HA VIRTUE, I entered a state of complete happiness and relaxation. It's like the non-alcoholic equivalent to that familiar feeling.

When I had the first sip, I immediately loved the smooth freshness and the real wild berry flavor. I couldn't believe how good I felt and that feeling kept on being with me for quite some time. I am longing for more.

I finally found a healthy functional drink that actually taste good to me, my husband and my son. The fact that it is clean, helps teenage moods, and has no added sugar is amazing. I work with children and like to mix it with sparkling water for the kids as a treat. For us we use it as a supplement booster in the morning and as a mixer for our cocktails. Guilt free. It helped me loosing weight as well. MA-HA VIRTUE Saffron is out of this world.

Out family's experience with these natural juices has been nothing short of fantastic! The absence of added sugars is a game-changer, providing a guilt-free option for both of my kids. The versatility of these juices is remarkable – from refreshing drinks to creative recipes, they have become a staple in our household. Not only do they meet our health-conscious criteria, but the kids absolutely love the taste. Kudos to a product that combines both health and flavor seamlessly!"

When I had the first sip, I immediately loved the smooth freshness and the berry flavor. I couldn‘t believe how good I felt and that feeling kept on being with me for quite some time. I‘m longing for more.

My favorite is the pomegranate fairy juice. You can truly taste the pureness and freshness of pomegranate with saffron. Best quality and functional!

he juices are a burst of pure rich fresh yummy goodness. It‘s my daily must-have healthy wellness treat!

Maha Virtue savoir-faire juices are sustainable, organic, sugar free alternative to expensive store bought juices. The juices are presented in an aesthetically pleasing, elegant bottle so very time I open it, feels like I am in a fine dining restaurant. My favorite is the Saff-Sour Blackberry juice for its taste and its powerhouse packed nutrition value. I am thrilled that you can have the juices for breakfast, and is a healthy alternative to your cocktails in the evening. No synthetic preservatives, only pure clean juice with a hint of classy to wow your guests.

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