We at Ma-Ha Virtue can’t think of a more appropriate time to celebrate the heroic task that is modern womanhood. We do our best to raise our children and hold ourselves accountable to virtues encompassing love, respect, kindness, generosity and compassion.

Growing up with Persian and German parents who showered their children with love, affection, discipline and good food, we find ourselves wanting to hold on to those childhood memories. But more importantly, we are trying to be better for our children, family and the world we live in. The Ma-Ha Fairies' story reflects this, and we strive to share that passion with our customers.

The journey began when Raha & Tanja met at the playground in Alamo California.  When they realized they both spoke the same language, a conversation ensued and a bond arose between multicultural women, mothers, wives and friends.

Their backgrounds are similar and different in many ways.



As a global traveler and professional with 24+ years’ experience leading large multi-million dollar product brands and marketing initiatives –Raha’s journey among different cultures and ethnicities allowed her to build a career in business development & conceptualization of lifestyle brands.
Her experiences provided her with a diverse perspective on ethics when it comes to the production of fashion and lifestyle. Once she became a mother her ideals took a new path in life.


VP of Logistics & Operations

Tanja is a mom to a 5-year-old son and a wife to a husband working in an international environment.
They got the opportunity to move to 4 very different countries so far. The culture she experienced and the people she met in this journey paved her way to the passion for motherhood, friendship and international food making. Her expertise in quality and food discovery are priceless and endless.


General Manager

Kanika's passion for MA-HA VIRTUE is keeping the garden balanced so the team can get back to business. She brings loyalty and creativity that brings the team together. Her responsibilities include providing keen professional experience as a Full-Charge Accountant/HR Administrator, ,Vendor Compliance and General Manager. Focus is put on creating and maintaining relationships within and outside the company which is of great importance, ensuring peace of mind.


Administrative Manager

Wife, mother, and domestic animal wrangler with a passion for creative writing and helping other people. Driven to please and open to criticism as she’s always seeking to improve at whatever she’s doing. Megan is the diplomat, providing support and assistance to all members of the team in whatever capacity they need.