The Saffron Fairy

The Saffron Fairy is the Matriarch and has taught all the other Fairies that the Saffron Flower is the ancient guardian of health. That's why it's the most important ingredient in our magical recipes. For the mind, the Saffron Flower acts as a powerful mood enhancer, aprhodisiac, and memory aid. For the body, it contains powerful antioxidants with a vast array of benefits. Generously, she shares her saffron with the other fairies to enhance the already potent value of their fruits.

The Saff-Sour Sour-Cherry Fairy

The Saff-Sour Sour-Cherry Fairy takes her craft very seriously. She knows that she is blending two very powerful elements together for a potent wellness elixir. From sleep and pain relief to mood boosting and antioxidants, her saffron and sour-cherries are a dynamic duo of health and happiness.

The Saff-Sour Pomegranate Fairy

The Saff-Sour Pomegranate Fairy is the life of the party. She nurtures her saffron carefully to preserve their extraordinary health properties. The pomegranate blends exquisitely well to provide even more benefits and a lively, sweet taste sure to delight any palate.

The Saff-Sour Blackberry Fairy

The Saff-Sour Blackberry Fairy passionately nurtures her blackberry bushes with a sea of knowledge. She taught them to protect the heart, lungs and the stomach with the power of their vitamin C and high antioxidant levels, enhanced with the power of saffron.

The Saff-Sour Raspberry Fairy

The Saff-Sour Raspberry Fairy is the analytical, carefully taking in the Saffron Fairies’ wise words to breathe new life into her raspberries. Under her watchful care, her raspberries and saffron create a beautiful harmony to promote a strong immune system and a sharp mind.

The Raspberry Fairy

The Raspberry Fairy nurtures her raspberries one- by-one. She raises all her little berries with love and teaches them how to protect humans’ immune system with their potent vitamin C, nourish cells with their powerful antioxidants, and strengthen bones with their manganese and calcium.

The Sour Cherry Fairy

The Sour Cherry Fairy loves her sour cherry gardens and takes care of them with love and pride. She has taught all the Fairies about their healing superpowers. They help the body create melatonin, aid in muscle recovery, relieve joints with their anti-inflammatory properties, and strengthen the immune system.

Black Saff-Lava Lime Salt Fairy

The Black Saff-Lava Lime Salt Fairy is the fearless Diva among the fairies. Rather than tame gardens, she prefers volcanoes; sprinkling her precious saffron and lime over the lava. The best things are hard won, and her bravery pays off with this well-crafted combination of health enhancement with an exquisite and universal flavor profile.

The Saff-Stachio Fairy

The Saff-Stachio Fairy is the Princess among the Fairies. Bathed in saffron flowers and lime, The Saff-Stachios Fairy tells her pistachios how important they are for body and skin. They protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging – nourishing it and improving its elasticity. The Leutein within it is a powerful antioxidant to support eye health.


“Dushu” Bergamot Tea Fairy

The Saff-Tea Fairy comes from blissful fields of Bergamot groves. She spends her quiet evenings learning their secret benefits that calm the mind and body, promote a healthy immune system, and provide natural antioxidants. She is absorbed in learning from the Saffron Fairy how to enhance her beloved Bergamot tea recipe into something truly extraordinary.

Saff-Samico Fairy

The Saff-Samico Fairy is the Savant of MA-HA Fairyland. She cultivates her vineyards with pride, knowing time would fail her if she tried to explain all the benefits they offer to the body, mind, and palette. Yet, she eagerly soaks up the knowledge of the Saffron Fairy so that she can not only enhance the healing powers of her balsamic vinegar, but its flavor profile as well.

F-Rose Fairy

A Classic Romantic, the F-Rose Fairy’s gardens are the most luxurious in the world, but they don’t just turn heads and delight senses. They have great powers for the skin, making it as soft as the rose petals in her garden. They soothe the mind and heart, relieving tension with every spritz. Perhaps lesser-known, they enhance a good drink with taste, smell, and health. Could it get any better? The Saffron Fairy knows...

Saff-Sour Pom-ade Fairy

The Saff-Sour Pom-ade Fairy is beloved by all. She believes health should be fun and has brilliantly cultivated the finest, purest pomegranates to achieve this. With the Saffron Fairie’s guidance, the result is a delicious, versatile Pom-made to have as much fun experimenting with as she has. Rim a cocktail glass, add to a dessert recipe, get creative. She wouldn’t have it any other way.