3 parts Saff-Sour Sour-Cherry Juice + 2 parts Sparkling Water/ Soda Water

Garnish: Fresh Sour-Cherry /Lemon Leaves/ Basil leaves/ Mint leaves.


2 parts Tequila + 2 parts Saff-Sour Sour-Cherry + 1 part Saff-Sour Raspberry + 2 parts Sparkling Water/ Soda Water, or Tonic if you like a sweet tale

To make the Sour-Cherry Cocktail, add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake for 3-4 seconds. Strain into your favorite glass over fresh ice. Top with Sparkling Water/ Soda water or a great tonic water, and garnish with either fresh Raspberries, Lemon leaves, Basil leaves or Mint leaves.